what is electric mountain bike

what is electric mountain bike

 Electric mountain bike, or eMTBs, are bicycles that are powered by an electric motor. They combine the agility and control of a traditional mountain bike with the power and speed of an electric motor, allowing you to ride up any hill or over any obstacle. Electric mountain bikes are designed for stability and durability, and often feature additional features such as integrated lights and an LCD display. They are perfect for adventurers, commuters, and anyone looking for an efficient and eco-friendly way to get around.

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Why Choose MIDONKEY?

Energy-saving and environmental protection: MIDONKEY electric bicycle adopts advanced electric drive system, which has high efficiency and low power consumption, and is conducive to environmental protection.

Safety and reliability: Advanced technology is adopted to strictly control safety, and high reliability can meet complex environmental requirements.

Light weight and easy to carry: The electric bicycle produced by MIDONKEY is light in weight and small in size, which is convenient for carrying and storage.

High performance and long life: The power system of electric bicycle produced by MIDONKEY has the characteristics of high efficiency, high power and low noise, and its service life is up to 5 years

MIDONKEY electric mountain bike Parkar

Fortune 500 Audited Ebike Manufacturers
MIDONKEY focus on high performance electric bicycle and electric bicycle parts manufacturing for over 6 years. We are committed to providing customers with total solutions for durable and practical electric bike, covering from electric bicycle kits to the whole packed electric bikes.

According to the needs of different country markets, we research and develop new practical ebike models, always ready to provide global customers with highly competitive products and services. 

Due to our superior quality and excellent services, we are therefore become an important business partner with Fortune 500.

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Our electric mountain bike Support odm/oem production

As a distinguished electric mountain bike manufacturer, we proudly introduce a realm of possibilities for riders seeking the ultimate adventure. With years of expertise in the industry, we offer electric mountain bikes that not only excel in performance but also cater to individual preferences through our ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customization services.

Our commitment to innovation and personalization drives us to offer ODM services, allowing you to infuse your unique vision into the design of your electric mountain bike. From frame geometry to color schemes, we collaborate closely to transform your ideas into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that perfectly embodies your style and spirit of exploration.

For those seeking a seamless integration of their brand identity, our OEM services are designed to provide an effortless solution. You can choose from our diverse range of electric mountain bike models and customize them with your company's branding, creating a distinctive fleet or a line of bikes that align with your business objectives.

Behind every electric mountain bike we offer lies a commitment to quality and performance. Our ODM/OEM customization options do not compromise on the cutting-edge technology and engineering that define our brand. By opting for customization, you not only receive a bike that is uniquely yours but also benefit from the reliability and innovation that our products are known for.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our customization process. Our team of skilled engineers, designers, and technicians work hand in hand with you to understand your requirements, preferences, and objectives. This partnership ensures that your customized electric mountain bike not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

The thrill of conquering rugged terrains and steep trails is deeply personal. With our ODM/OEM services, your electric mountain bike becomes an extension of your identity, a canvas upon which your aspirations are painted. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast, a resort owner, or a company looking to make a statement, our customization services offer a gateway to elevating your electric mountain biking experience.

In conclusion, as a reputable electric mountain bike manufacturer, we invite you to embark on a journey of customization and exploration. With our ODM/OEM services, you can transcend the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary by owning a bike that is uniquely tailored to your needs and aspirations. Discover the thrill of riding a bike that embodies your essence and unlocks new dimensions of adventure.

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What users say about MIDONKEY

I bought a MIDONKEY electric bicycle and it has been a great experience. The innovative design and high performance make it the ideal choice for my daily commute.

John Smith

I'm really happy with my MIDONKEY electric bicycle. The smart control system makes it easy to ride and the lightweight design makes it convenient to carry.

Maria Rodriguez

The MIDONKEY electric bicycle is really good, the electric drive system makes it energy-saving and environmental friendly.

Pierre Dupont

I'm very satisfied with the MIDONKEY electric bicycle. It is of excellent quality and has a long service life. The customer service is also very good and I am very satisfied with the whole shopping experience.

Ana Silva
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 MIDONKEY electric mountain bike is designed to provide users with a safe and comfortable riding experience. It has a lightweight construction and advanced electric drive system, which makes it suitable for off-road riding. The tires are designed to provide better grip and stability, and the motor has a power output of up to 1000W.

 MIDONKEY electric mountain bike is equipped with safety features such as shock absorbers, anti-lock brakes and LED lights. It also has an intelligent control system, which can provide users with safe and reliable riding experience.

 MIDONKEY electric mountain bike tires are designed for off-road riding. They are made of high-quality rubber material, which provides good grip and stability. The tread pattern is designed to provide better traction and stability on various terrains. In addition, the tires are equipped with puncture-resistant technology to reduce the risk of punctures.

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10 Reasons That You Should Choose Midonkey Ebike!

Choose a qualified manufacturer that puts user experience first! MIDONKEY is a professional ebikes manufacturer in China with over 7 years OEM/ODM experience for Fortune 500. We started exporting in 2017, with customers mainly from Europe, North America, South America and Oceania, and have cooperated with some large chain stores, supermarkets and online sales companies. 1. MIDONKEY owned a super large 18650 lithium battery cell manufacturing base MIDONKEY's parent company is Guangdong Shengli Energy Technology Co., Ltd. with over 1000 employees so far. Shengli Energy has been providing custom services for large enterprises (including governments at home and abroad) and shared ebike company for over 10 years. Though the monthly output of 18650 lithium battery cell has reached 1,000,000 pieces, it is still in short supply. 2. Multi inspections during production. each cell is made according to high standards High standards were set up to meet World Top 500 strict factory audit requirements. We believe that the quality is the soul of an enterprise, therefore, we always put quality as the first consideration. Shengli Energy batteries have been certificated CE, UL, UN38.3, MSDS, CB, BIS, FCC, ISO 9001, CE, RoHS, etc..And due to our eternal pursuit of high quality output that we are favored by the Fortune 500. What's more, out battery is 50,000,000 RMB insurance covered by one of China oldest and the most prestigious insurance company - PICC (People's Insurance Company of China). An Operator Checking The 18650 Lithium Battery Cell 3. Independent lithium batteries and ebikes research & development team MIDONKEY invest heavily in innovation and research & development every year. Up to now, there are 2 PhD degree and 8 Master's degree staff specialized in the design and development of electric bicycles. Some of ebike models we have developed have been very successful in the market due to their wide applicability and high performances. Contact us today and start customizing your own logo ebikes! MIDONKEY Ebike R&D Department.   4. MIDONKEY have professional production line with imported technology MIDONKEY has a 50 meter long semi-automatic production line with a maximum monthly output of 2,000 sets ebikes. The factory is ISO 9001 verified while ebikes are with CE, RoHS certified. Despite the fact that imported machines can greatly speed up efficiency, we still think quality is even more important than quantity. 5. Dedication to every single details One of the reasons the Fortune 500 has placed considerable trust in us is based on our deliberate attention to detail during the whole production process. We use industry-standard production techniques to ensure that every bike goes through the same number of processes and always ensures that every detail is handled correctly. Beautifully Welded Fish Scale Pattern 6. MIDONKEY ebike use industry famous tire brands As is well known to all, there are quite a few industry famous high performance ebike tire brand, such as MICHELIN tire from France; CST tire from Taiwan, China; KENDA tire from Taiwan, China; CHAOYANG tire from China, BRIDGESTONE tire from Japan. As for MIDONKEY ebike, CHAOYANG tire, KENDA tire, and CST tire are our usual options. Quality & performance you can trust. CHAOYANG High Performance Tires. 7. MIDONKEY ebike extensive use of aluminum alloy The frame bears most of the rider's weight, so the choice of frame material should not be sloppy. Moreover, since cycling is kind of a dangerous outdoor sport, there are certain requirements for the toughness of the frame and the diameter of the tube. MIDONKEY ebike use 6061 aviation grade aluminum alloy for most ebikes except customer special request. Even for the carbon steel frame, we will also choose high strength one to ensure rider's personal safety. MIDONKEY PowerMan All Aluminum Alloy Ebike. 8. Overseas warehouses on four countries MIDONKEY has set up 4 global warehouses up to now, they are located in Germany, Poland, Ireland, United States, and United Kingdom. Contact us or chat with us online to get the latest stocking ebike models list in all global warehouses. MIDONKEY Bulk Ebike Shipment. 9. Millions of global end users quality witness Since we have been providing custom services for Top 500 in the world over the years, our ebikes have also exported to over 30 countries, cover an estimated of 1,000,000 overseas end users. Check our ebike models now at www.mdkebike.com/product and get 5% off for your first order! MIDONKEY Ebike Global End User Collection.   10. Find our agents and distributors in your countries Up to now, MIDONKEY ebike has developed a few large distributors & agents with strong distribution channels in several countries. We will continue to recruit distributors or agents from different countries or regions in the future! Welcome to contact us to discuss our partnership. MIDONKEY Dealer Ebike Store. There are certainly more than ten reasons why we are so popular at home and abroad. When you get in touch with us personally for a while, we believe you will love working with us as well. Subscribe to us, so you will never miss MIDONKEY's latest events and exhibitions!

Exhibition In The Place Where The Bicycle Was Invented - Eurobike 2022

Europe is the birthplace of cycling and a top destination for international bike shows. The epidemic has disrupted the pace of global trade, but it has also given rise to a healthier lifestyle. The shift in people's transportation has been even more pronounced as millions of people across Europe took up cycling during the epidemic. Europe is the world's largest consumer market for bicycles, with significant market purchasing power. Germany is one of the world's most developed countries, with the third largest economy after the United States and Japan. Germany and even the European bicycle market is definitely its tempting market with great potential for China. In the 2019 exhibition, China emerged a number of bicycle brands such as BATTLE, JAVA, LANGTU, MISSILE, ofo, QiCYCLE, SAVA, SKYEE, TRINX, Golden Wheel, XDS, etc. These brand new electric bicycle brands showed up in the exhibition and received unanimous recognition and praise from the industry. To do high-end exports, and international integration is the current trend and favorable state of development of Chinese enterprises. Over the years, Europe have increased their efforts to promote environmental protection, giving great confidence to the green industry of bicycles. In Europe, the bicycle category is complete to meet the different needs of all ages, including children's bikes, youth bikes, mountain bikes, city bikes, all-terrain bikes, mountain bikes, racing bikes, touring bikes, and other categories. The EU estimates that the annual European bicycle purchase volume is 17 million units on average among which Germany, France, Holland, and Italy are the main purchasing countries. EUROBIKE, as an international industry platform, is an annual event for brand owners, traders and buyers in the whole industry, as well as bicycle enthusiasts. Exhibitors come up with their new, absolutely amazing ebike products for display, so the show is also a trendsetter for new trends in the cycling industry.

MIDONKEY to participate in Global Sources Consumer Electronics-Ebike Expo 2023

Ebike-expo-2023 Time:2023-04-11-04-14 Address:HK Asia World-Expo Booth:2j01 MIDONKEY is thrilled to be a part of Global Sources Consumer Electronics this year. We are a leading producer of ebike and lithium-ion batteries, and we specialize in creating high-quality and innovative products that meet the needs of modern consumers. At Global Sources Consumer Electronics, we will be showcasing our latest designs and technologies that are revolutionizing the electric bicycle and lithium-ion battery industries. Our electric bicycles are designed to be efficient and reliable, while our lithium-ion batteries are designed to offer superior performance and durability. We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and this event is a great opportunity for us to showcase our products and services. In addition to our electric bicycles and lithium-ion batteries, we will also be showcasing our other products and services. We offer customized solutions and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. We are committed to creating products that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective. At Global Sources Consumer Electronics, we are looking forward to exhibiting our products and services and demonstrating our commitment to innovation and quality. We are excited to be a part of this prestigious event and look forward to meeting our customers and partners.

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