MIDONKEY electric bike laboratory

MIDONKEY electric bike laboratory


   MIDONKEY electric bike laboratory

   MIDONKEY electric bicycle company is devoted to providing customers with the best quality of electric bicycles. In order to ensure the quality of the products, MIDONKEY has established a laboratory or test room to carry out various tests on electric bicycles.

   In the laboratory, frame fatigue testing is used to measure the strength of the frame and its limit of bearing capacity.

   Whole electric bicycle aging test is conducted to evaluate the service life of electric bicycles.

   Simulate the driving process of bicycles on different roads is done to check the safety of bicycles.

   Bicycle saddle abrasion resistance test is used to check the wear resistance of the surface of the saddle.

​​​​​   Key life test can be used to measure the life expectancy of bicycle components.

   Soft squeeze test and breakage resistance test are also conducted in the laboratory.

   The laboratory is also equipped with a constant temperature and humidity chamber, which can simulate extreme environmental conditions. The temperature can be set to -30 degrees Celsius or 55 degrees Celsius and 95% humidity.

   All of these tests and experiments help MIDONKEY to ensure the safety, durability and reliability of our products. With the help of the laboratory, MIDONKEY successfully provides customers with high-quality electric bicycles.